Infrared Imaging Market

Market Analysis:

The global infrared imaging market forecast will be $7.85 billion by 2026, increasing from $4.51 billion in 2018 at a healthy CAGR of 6.05%. North America market share is growing at a CAGR of 4.5% by generating revenue of $3.54 billion by 2026. Asia-Pacific regional growth is expecting $1.64 billion by 2026.

Infrared (IR) imaging refers to the technology which is used for capturing invisible IR radiation and changing it into visible images. It is also referred as thermography, it needs specialized devices which detect the invisible IR radiation emitted by warm objects and turn the signals to an image. 

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Market Drivers:

Significant deployment of infrared imaging products in security & surveillance application

Infrared cameras has significant adoption in the security & surveillance application owing to their ability to be used in severe environments, such as haze, fog, smoke and water vapor. They are specifically suited to the military and defense vertical, where they are used for human/object movement monitoring; and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRNE) detection. Companies operating in the infrared imaging market have received a numerous contracts for the improvement or supply of infrared products for the military and defense vertical. Infrared cameras are also highly used for security & surveillance purposes in industrial and commercial buildings.

Market Restraints:

The few factors restraining the market growth are the cost of infrared cameras is high compared to other. Furthermore, the availability of alternative technologies in the market hinders the extensive adoption of these cameras.

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The Global Infrared Imaging Market has been segmented as below:

By Technology

  • Cooled Infrared Imaging

  • Uncooled Infrared Imaging

By Wavelength

  • Far-Infrared

  • Long-Wave Infrared

  • Mid-Wave Infrared

  • Near-Infrared

  • Short-Wave Infrared

By Application

  • Security & Surveillance

  • Monitoring & Inspection

  • Detection

By Region

  • Europe

  • North America

  • Asia Pacific

  • Rest of The World

By Company

  • Flir Systems

  • Fluke

  • Sensors Unlimited

  • Leonardo

  • Axis Communications

  • Xenics

  • Opgal Optronic Industries

  • New Imaging Technologies

  • Allied Vision Technologies

  • Sofradir

  • Cox

  • C-Thermal

  • Ircameras

  • Princeton Infrared Technologies

  • Dali Technology

  • Tonbo Imaging

  • L3 Technologies