Railway Management System Market
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Railway Management System Market

The Railway Management System Market is expected to grow from USD 40.8 billion in 2020 to USD 61.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2020 to 2026.

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A railway management system is a completely integrated rail transportation solution which assists in increasing revenue, minimizing operational costs and improving the safety of customers. The railway management system integrates various tools and services which allow better management of the rail industry. The system comprises of several activities such as operation management, traffic planning, maintenance & support, power supply & infrastructure management, station control & communication network, rail-facility information management and various others. The global railway management system market is projected to register a remarkable growth rate, due to the high demographic growth along with the rapid pace urbanization. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) adoption as well as combination of technologies to improve efficiency and obtain maximum optimization, is anticipated to fuel growth of the global railway management system market over the projected time span. Rising government initiatives and the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model will be one of the major factors propelling growth of the global railway management system market. Rising trend of smart cities is also projected to propel growth of the global market over the forecast period. In addition to this, the surging demand for swift modes of transportation is anticipated to accelerate the growth of the global railway management system market over the forecasted time span. Reducing fare costs are also projected to boost the demand for rail transportation, which in turn is anticipated to foster demand for rail management systems. Additionally, the railway management system aims at offering real time information to the customers, therefore enhancing their travel experience. This helps in obtaining customer loyalty, leading to growth of the global railway management system market over the forecast period. On the other hand the factors such as increasing freight traffic coupled with an un-optimized use of rail network and incompetent management and operating costs are likely to impede the railway management system market growth.

Furthermore, the rising technological advancements are resulting in increased adoption of automated technology by the railway management, which is anticipated to increase the efficiency in railway networks and management. Such factors are projected to pave way for ample lucrative opportunities for the players in the global market.

The global Railway Management System Market is segregated on the basis of Solution as Rail Operations Management System, Rail Traffic Management System, Rail Asset Management System, Rail Control System and Others. Based on Service the global Railway Management System Market is segmented in Consulting, System Integration and Deployment and Support and Maintenance.

The global Railway Management System Market report provides geographic analysis covering regions, such as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Rest of The World. The Railway Management System Market for each region is further segmented for major countries including the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., France, Italy, China, India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, and others.

Competitive Analysis

Alstom Holdings SA, Cisco, General Electric, ABB Ltd., International Business Machines Corp, Hitachi Ltd. and others are among the major players in the global Railway Management System Market. The companies studied in terms of product strategy and various n several growth and expansion strategies to gain a competitive edge in the market. The major players not only follow value chain integration with business operations in multiple stages of the value chain.

  • In October 2020, Hitachi declared a partnership with BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to design and install the advance technology for digitally controlled trains in San Francisco, US. The company aspires to increase capacity and enhance services.
  • In February 2020, Alstom acquired Bombardier Transportation. This acquisition would extend Alstom’s rolling stock portfolio and add on major assets to its services business, which includes access to a huge network of maintenance facilities and a huge number of trains in service.
  • In January 2020, Siemens entered into a partnership with ARM, a major provider of automotive IP and software. The company aspires to obtain active-safety, in-vehicle infotainment, advanced driver assistance and self-driving vehicles.
  • In December 2019, Alstom signed a contract with the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA) to produce and maintain the next-generation of C-series trains for Perth’s rising rail network.

The global Railway Management System Market has been segmented as below:

Railway Management System Market, By Solution

  • Rail Operations Management System
  • Rail Traffic Management System
  • Rail Asset Management System
  • Rail Control System
  • Others

Railway Management System Market, By Service

  • Consulting
  • System Integration and Deployment
  • Support and Maintenance

Railway Management System Market, By Region

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of The World

Railway Management System Market, By Company

  • Alstom Holdings SA
  • Cisco
  • General Electric
  • ABB Ltd.
  • International Business Machines Corp
  • Hitachi Ltd.
  • Bombardier
  • Huawei
  • Indra Sistemas
  • Siemens
  • Ansaldo
  • ATOS
  • Toshiba
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Nokia Networks
  • Thales Group
  • DXC Technology
  • Eke-Electronics
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Eurotech

The report covers the below scope:

  • Global Railway Management System Market sizes from 2020 to 2026, along with CAGR for 2020-2026
  • Market size comparison for 2019 vs 2026, with actual data for 2019, estimates for 2019 and forecast from 2020 to 2026
  • Global Railway Management System Market trends, covering comprehensive range of consumer trends & manufacturer trends
  • Value chain analysis covering participants from raw material suppliers to the downstream buyer in the global Railway Management System Market
  • Major market opportunities and challenges in forecast timeframe to be focused
  • Competitive landscape with analysis on competition pattern, portfolio comparisons, development trends and strategic management
  • Comprehensive company profiles of the key industry players

The years considered for the study are as follows:

  • Base year - 2019
  • Estimated year - 2019
  • Projected year - 2020
  • Forecast period - 2021 to 2026

Report Scope:

The global Railway Management System Market report scope includes detailed study covering underlying factors influencing the industry trends. The report covers analysis on regional and country level market dynamics. The scope also covers competitive overview providing company market shares along with company profiles for major revenue contributing companies. The report scope includes detailed competitive outlook covering market shares and profiles key participants in the global Railway Management System Market share. Major industry players with significant revenue share include Alstom Holdings SA, Cisco, General Electric, ABB Ltd., International Business Machines Corp, Hitachi Ltd. and others.

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  • Facilitate strategy planning and industry dynamics to enhance decision making

Target Audience:

  • The report targeted towards the existing players in the industry is as follows:
  • Market Manufacturers/Service Providers
  • Market Wholesale/Traders
  • Investment and Financial Institutions

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Report Content

1.     Introduction

1.1.      Key Points

1.2.     Report Description

1.3.     Markets Covered

1.4.     Stakeholders

2.    Research Methodology

2.1.     Research Scope

2.2.    Research Methodology

2.2.1.     Market Research Process

2.2.2.    Research Methodology         Secondary Research        Primary Research        Models for Estimation

2.3.    Market Size Estimation

2.3.1.     Bottom-Up Approach

2.3.2.    Top-Down Approach

3.    Executive Summary

4.    Market Overview

4.1.     Introduction

4.2.    Drivers

4.3.    Restraints

4.4.    Opportunities

4.5.    Challenges

5.    Railway Management System Market, By Solution

5.1.     Key Points

5.2. Rail Operations Management System

5.3.  Rail Traffic Management System

5.4. Rail Asset Management System

5.5.  Rail Control System

5.6. Others

6.    Railway Management System Market, By Service

6.1.     Key Points

6.2. Consulting

6.3. System Integration and Deployment

6.4. Support and Maintenance

7.    Competitive Landscape

7.1.     Introduction

7.2.     Start-up companies- Railway Management System Market

7.3.     Recent Developments

7.3.1.     Mergers & Acquisitions

7.3.2.    New Product Developments

7.3.3.    Portfolio/Production Capacity Expansions

7.3.4.    Joint Ventures, Collaborations, Partnerships & Agreements

7.3.5.    Others

8.    Company Profile

8.1.  Alstom Holdings SA

8.2. Cisco

8.3. General Electric

8.4. ABB Ltd.

8.5. International Business Machines Corp

8.6. Hitachi Ltd.

8.7. Bombardier

8.8. Huawei

8.9. Indra Sistemas

8.10.                Siemens

8.11.                 Ansaldo

8.12.                ATOS

8.13.                Toshiba

8.14.                Tech Mahindra

8.15.                Nokia Networks

8.16.                Thales Group

8.17.                 DXC Technology

8.18.                Eke-Electronics

8.19.                Sierra Wireless

8.20.                  Eurotech

Railway Management System Market

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